Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate with Small Pet Door, 37-Inches Wide

An essential tool for homes with pets, the Carlson Extra Wide Walk-Thru Pet Gate is a convenient, chew-proof way to contain and protect both your pet and home. Made of an all-steel construction, the sturdy pet gate can be operated with ease and is designed to make passing through the gate frequently a breeze. If the thought of putting holes in your walls makes you shudder, our pressure-mount system makes installation simple. Because openings vary in size, this gate is expandable and ideal for openings between 29-37” and stands 30” tall. The same convenience is provided to your pet as the gate features a 10” x 7” door letting small animals pass through while keeping everyone else stays out.Expands from 29 to 37 inches wide with included 6-inch extension kit
Stands 30 inches tall
An easy 1-touch release handle Quick, easy setup
Patented Small Pet Door. Let’s small pets pass through, while keeping everyone else out
Sturdy lead-free, non-toxic, chew proof all-steel construction

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