Preparing Your Dog for the Winter Months Ahead

With the winter months ahead, it might be a good idea to start looking into what your dog needs in order to be prepared when the temperatures finally drop. Not all dogs need an excessive amount of winter gear, but short-haired and smaller dogs will most likely need an extra form of clothing to keep them warm. With Pet Life Hub, getting everything your dog needs to make it through the winter months is an easy task to accomplish.  

Does My Dog Need Winter Gear?

Some dog breeds, such as huskies, shepherds, or golden retrievers, already have thick coats and could likely do without most forms of winter gear. Other dogs may need a comfortable winter coat to enjoy going outside when it is cold. Many factors such as a dog’s breed, size, age, and weight can all influence how well a dog braces the cold. Overall, it is best to check with your veterinarian about your dog’s breed and the specific climate in which you live. A general rule of thumb is, if you are too cold, your dog is probably too cold as well.

How to Dress Your Dog for Warmth

If you have decided your four-legged friend is in need of winter gear this year, there are some things you may want to consider to be sure your dog is properly attired:

  • A coat is not only for warmth, but for rain and extreme wind as well
  • Avoid cutting your dog’s fur during winter months for added protection
  • You may need to train your dog to wear winter clothes, so start now

Planning in advance will keep your dog happy and safe, despite low temperatures.

Top 5 Winter Accessories for Dogs

At Pet Life Hub, we are dedicated to making sure every dog is properly cared for. That is why we have handpicked our favorite, top rated items (4 stars or above!)  from Amazon to display on our online storefront. Below you will find our top 5 recommendations for winter accessories for dogs:

This is the ultimate winter coat for any dog. The fleece inner lining makes it perfect for the cold. The waterproof outer shell keeps your dog protected from the rain. This coat also includes an LED light strip and reflective piping for added safety. If you are looking for a dog coat that is versatile and will last you for seasons to come, this is the coat for you.

If your dog has ears that are prone to get cold, this is the perfect vest for them. It can be worn under a coat or by itself on milder winter days. It includes an O ring on the back to attach a leash for whenever you need to take your dog on a walk. The hoodie is both functional and adorable!

Dogs don’t just need to stay warm when they are outside. When they are inside, floors can reach low temperatures during the winter months. If your pup is one to sleep on the floor, this pet warmer is a great way you can rest assured they will stay comfortable all night. The warmer is easy to use with almost any bed.

What is cuter than this stylish sweater for your dog? A matching sweater for you to go with it! This is the perfect piece of winter gear for any dog that loves to make a statement. It will keep both you and your furry friend warm all season long.

For dogs with thick fur that may not need a winter coat, this raincoat will keep them dry from freezing winter rains. Even breeds with the thickest of fur will need to be protected from getting wet during the colder months.

Dogs can’t tell us when they are cold the same way humans can. Certain dog breeds are at a higher risk of being affected by colder temperatures. Keep your dog safe from conditions such as hypothermia and frostbite by keeping them inside, providing a warm bed, and dressing them in the proper attire for walks outside. Start preparing now to make sure you have everything you will need for the winter season ahead. For more winter gear, or other dog products in general, check out the Pet Life Hub online store here.