Things You Need to Know When You Train Your Dog

Training your dog is no easy task, but it can be a great way to improve your relationship with your furry friend. Through training, the dog learns to trust and respect you as the owner. It takes a lot of time and perseverance to train your dog, but the results are worth it. In order to begin your dog’s obedience training, you will need some items to help in the process. Here is a guide for what you need to train your dog:

Dog treats

Treats serve as positive reinforcement for your dog. It lets them know they have completed the action correctly, and it encourages them to perform the action again the next time it is instructed. To a dog, receiving a treat rewards them for their positive behaviour. There is a right way and a wrong way to use treats for reinforcement. You want to avoid using a treat to bribe your dog to complete a task. Here are two great treats to train your dog:

Dog Harness

One important aspect of training your dog is teaching them to walk on a leash without pulling you. There is an alternative solution to your dog dragging you along the sidewalk, sniffing at everything it pleases. With proper training, your pup can learn how to walk beside you, making walks a more pleasant experience for you. It is very helpful to make sure your dog has the proper equipment for walking correctly. The design of most harnesses does not prevent pulling, so it is critical to purchase a harness that encourages your dog to walk according to your lead. The harness below has a front-chest leash attachment, forcing the dog to direct its attention towards you.

Prong Collar

For most dogs, any form of collar will work well. If your dog is aggressive or significantly strong, it might be a good idea to utilize a prong collar. A prong collar can provide immediate obedience, especially in a situation where your dog could attack another dog. This collar does include prongs, so it is important to make sure it is fitted properly around the dog’s neck to avoid injury. For more information about prong collars, here is a resource. If your dog needs a prong collar, the collar listed below is a high-quality option.

Training Collar

A training collar is used to associate any dangerous or unwanted behaviour with an uncomfortable sensation of vibration for the dog. As treats work for positive reinforcement, a training collar functions as negative reinforcement. Many training collars even include a “beep” to create the same effect without having to excessively use the physical shock. Be sure to adjust the settings to the appropriate size and weight of your dog. Here is a great training collar for your dog:


Retractable leashes are counterproductive for dog training. This type of leash does not produce the same amount of tension as a normal, nonretractable leash, making it harder to teach your dog how to walk correctly. In addition to a normal walking leash, it can also be beneficial to own a longer leash for training. The longer leash is helpful when teaching your dog “stay.” It allows you to walk far distances without losing control of your dog. Below are two leash options for training your dog:

Dog Mat

A dog mat is a great tool to teach your dog to “settle down” and “stay.” This is a more advanced task, but it can be very beneficial when training your dog how to go into its kennel, or to keep it from jumping on guests. The presence of a physical mat reinforces the action you are requiring them to do. Here is an ideal mat to use for this training technique:

Dog Training Videos

In addition to preparing all the supplies you will need, it is also important to learn how to properly train your dog. Improper training techniques can lead to bad habits that are difficult to correct. Don’t fret—here is a great selection of dog training videos to get you started:

Training your dog takes commitment, but it is worth the investment. With the right tools and proper knowledge, your pup will be obedient and your relationship will be better than ever. At Pet Life Hub, we are dedicated to providing you with the best resources to care for your dog. We are an Amazon affiliate account, promoting only the best products on the market (it must have 4 stars or above!) For more dog supplies, accessories, and videos, check out our website!