TRIXIE Pet Products Flip Board dog toy, Level 2

Dogs are very playful and intelligent animals. Channel their energy and curiosity into something positive with Trixie’s flip board. It is ideal for the intermediate canine gamer. The game rewards your pet for correctly opening the various compartments. To begin, place your dog’s favourite treats in any or all of the compartments. By correctly sliding the covers or lifting the flaps and cones, the rewards will be revealed for your dog’s enjoyment. Due to our unique design, the cones cannot be knocked over. They must be lifted straight up to be removed. Vary the number and placement of treats to increase the level of difficulty. The non-slip rubber rim keep the game in place as your dog explores. We have also included an instructional booklet with tips and tricks for challenging and training dogs of all ages through play. Dishwasher safe. One year warranty. Measurements 9 by 9 by 1 inch. Weight 1-pound.For intermediate canine players
Flip lids using knobs
Slide disks to side
Lift up cones note that design prevents cones from being knocked over they must be lifted straight up to remove
Vary number and placement of treats to increase level of difficulty

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